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Individual Sales coaching masterclass journey

Our flagship sales performance-coaching solution, tailored for your unique needs as a sales professional. Recommended duration 60 min sessions weekly for 6 weeks.

Who its for:

If you’re a sales professional who needs to identify your blockage areas to reach the targets and results you seek, and be supported and empowered to overcome these effectively and quickly through fine-tuning your development and growth with the following steps:

Week 1: Analysing where you’re at, identifying key blockages
Week 2: Discovering new resources, techniques and tools
Week 3: Goals, focusing, executing, time management
Week 4: Mindset, mindfulness and stress-management
Week 5: Communication and relationships development
Week 6: Feedback, constant learning and self-motivation

Cost: R1800 per coaching session
Materials provided:

  • Specialised coaching journal and workbook for reflection and enhanced learning and application
  • Self-coaching digital pack containing further learning materials, guides and audio and video resources
  • Personalised Individual Development Plan & Vision Board

What it entails:

This focused, practical and proven process is there to ensure you are clear about where you need to go, connect with the right levels of motivation needed to keep you pushing so you reach your goals, arming yourself with the necessary tools and ensuring these tools are solidly learnt and applied over the course of this brief coaching process.

Why use us:

Everyone needs sales, and many out there offer help and solutions to boost your sales skills and competence. What we bring to the table that others don’t, is the combined level of expertise and experience in all of the critically relevant fields of coaching, motivation, influence, communication, mindfulness and resilience that research shows determine sales excellence and success.


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