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Individual Executive and Leadership Business Coaching

I am uniquely equipped with a deep understanding of human motivation and behaviour, specifically within the context of modern day business complexity.
Coaching is present and future oriented, unlocking a powerful collaboration between coach and client to crystalize solid key goals, and work towards achieving these in a practical and measurable way. I have trained, applied and refined a wide range of the best, proven business coaching methodologies available for over 12 years, with specific focus on neuroscience and mindfulness.

Typical issues explored and addressed:

  • Leadership Development
  • Wellness and boundaries
  • Digital Detox coping strategies
  • Business Coaching and Development
  • Self-care and stress management, tools for workplace resilience in a Covid world
  • Unlocking optimal relationship building and growing
  • Dealing with low energy, motivation, lack of confidence or self-esteem
  • Shifting out of feeling stuck, unfulfilled and uninspired in your career or business
  • Growing self-awareness and emotional intelligence to best manage work stress

This may be for you if see yourself grappling with questions like these:

  • Do I seek to develop my leadership skills?
  • Do I feel stuck in a middle management (or other disempowered) position?
  • Do I desire to perform at my peak and reach maximal levels of success?
  • Do I need to learn time, energy and digital management?
  • Am I heading for burnout and require learning solid tools for self-care?
  • Do I need help exploring my career?
  • Do I want to open my own business or grow an existing one?
  • Do I need to unlock energy/motivation/passion for my business and/or life?
  • Are work politics getting to me?
  • Am I finding it hard to find or retain clients for my business?
  • Do I seek help to better manage my relationships at work?
  • Do I need to learn better ways to manage my cash flow?
  • Do I battle with finding, motivating and keeping high quality staff?
  • Do I yearn for more revenue/sales, new markets, expanded client access?
  • Does your financial situation need attention?
  • Do you desire to live your best life?
  • Are you struggling to cope with a life transition (e.g. loss of someone close or job)
  • Are you mostly unhappy in life and needing a change?
  • Are you battling to deal with one or more traumatic life events?

Dynamic Leadership
Through Self-Awareness