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1-day intensive sales-hack masterclass training workshop

Sometimes, time and budget constraints don’t allow for the luxury of benefitting from our flagship individual and team offerings. If so, this offering may be just what you are looking for. We have distilled the best of our sales coaching method into a highly focused 1-day training session, available to any sales professional who wishes to take their sales effectiveness to a whole new level.

Who its for:

Any sales professional looking to discover how you can:

  • Be internally motivated and driven
  • Manage stress effectively and build the right mindset
  • Evolve your creativity, resourcefulness and strategy
  • Effectively manage rejection and disappointment
  • Stay focused and manage distraction and procrastination
  • Optimise your communication and relationships
  • Develop the ideal listening skills required in sales
  • Maximise feedback and learning to always grow and evolve
  • Explore and discover fresh solutions and positive ‘atomic habits’ and learn how to embed these

What it entails:

The beauty of this program is that any sales professional from any level and team or company can attend this short but highly effective and focused masterclass. We deliver a high-impact, practical, engaging and immersive learning experience that’s sustainable, based on the latest neuroscience as it applies to sales. The immersive learning platform that we use includes group discussions and pairings to foster building of new relationships and application of material through cross-learning opportunities that are highly energizing and enriching.

Core areas covered:

  • Self-mastery in sales
  • Identifying, clarifying and achieving goals
  • Conscious listening, communication and building relationships
  • Stress management and resilience
  • Time management and digital discipline
  • Execution skills and strategy
  • Feedback, constant learning and self-accountability
  • Cultivating fresh solutions and ‘atomic’ positive habits

Cost per person attending: R3,600.00

Materials provided:

  • Practical workbook designed to optimize the application and integration of masterclass tools
  • Post-masterclass digital pack providing further learning materials, guides and audio and video resources
  • Personalised Individual Development Plan & Vision Board

Why use us:

Studies reveal how top salespeople are tuned-in to how they manage themselves internally, especially their thoughts and mindset. They don’t take ‘rejection’ personally, stay confident and optimistic, and are motivated and driven within, rather than by pressure/targets. There are several hidden core elements for sales excellence, including purpose and meaning, conscious listening and relationship skills. These overlooked competencies can be learnt and we have over 15 years experience in providing breakthrough and sustainable results to salespeople. Our unique edge is our level of expertise and experience in coaching, motivation, influence, communication, mindfulness, creativity, resilience and self-management that are proven to determine sales excellence and success.


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