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Corporate Sales Team coaching masterclass journey

It’s simple: your sales team brings in the money. The buyer journey has transformed radically. Successful sellers must be equipped with the latest approaches to succeed in today’s constantly shifting world. We take your team, and in a few hours of time, fine-tune each member with solid tools to hack their blockages and see breakthrough results, while also building the team as a whole in cohesion, communication, creativity and resilience, so its collective performance is taken to a whole new level.

Who its for:

Any sales manager looking to build their team’s cohesion, alignment and performance, and empower each member to be internally motivated, resilient, driven and creative, even in the tough area of sales that brings constant rejection and disappointment. Build accountability, recognition and focus in your team, and manage distraction, procrastination and unhelpful perfectionism.

What it entails:

We deliver a high-impact and immersive learning experience that’s sustainable, based on the latest neuroscience as it applies to sales. Based on our experience, for maximum value, at least one follow-up short session is key to allow for learning and practice of skills. We highly recommend a 30-min pre-interview with each team member before the 1-day core workshop, so the facilitator can hear how each team member sees and feels about the key blockage areas in the team. An alternative to this is the facilitator meeting with just the sales manager/team leader.

The 1-day workshop provides the core skills needed to address the identified challenges, and many others that the leader and team members may be unaware of. After 3 weeks, we meet with both the leader and team for a brief follow up session to check how the shifts have been embedded and what further support and tweaks may be needed. Studies show that working at multiple levels across time delivers the best and fastest results.

Thus, individual personalized coaching for the team leader including training on how to do ongoing sales coaching for their reports, as well as sales coaching for each team member (hyperlink to service no 1) combined with the team sales performance coaching outlined in this process, is far superior to either process done alone.

Components of the journey:

1. (Optional 30 min interview of team leader and/or each team member: R500 per session)

2. Prep material given 1 week before workshop date (built on step 1 or else general prep material given)

3. Full day facilitation of customised team development masterclass: R18,000.00 always covering the core areas of:

  • Personal mastery
  • Achieving goals
  • Communication and building relationships
  • Stress management
  • Time management and digital discipline
  • Execution skills and strategy
  • Feedback, constant learning and self-accountability
  • Discovering fresh solutions and ‘atomic’ positive habits

4. Follow up half-day session 3 weeks after day workshop offered at 50% of regular price: R4,500.00

Materials provided:

  • Specialised team-member workbook to optimize the application and integration of masterclass tools
  • Post-masterclass digital pack providing further learning materials, guides and audio and video resources
  • Personalised Individual Development Plan & Vision Board
  • Integrated, modifiable Team Development Plan to enable team to continue growing in an aligned way

Why use us:

Studies show that the best salespeople are attuned by being aware of how they manage themselves internally, especially their thought processes and mindset. How to not take ‘rejection’ personally, stay confident and optimistic, and be motivated within, rather than external pressure/targets are as vital. Additionally, purpose and meaning, as well as conscious listening and relationship skills are vital and often overlooked. These missing competencies can be learnt. We have over 15 years experience in enabling sales teams to reach breakthrough and sustainable results. Everyone needs sales, and many offer help to boost your sales. Our unique edge is our level of expertise and experience in coaching, motivation, influence, communication, mindfulness, creativity, resilience and self-management that are proven to determine sales excellence and success.


Dynamic Leadership
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