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Psychotherapy For Individuals,
Couples And Families (Medical Aid Rates)




Corporate Solutions

Training and Facilitation

Our powerful cutting-edge flagship group sessions are engaging, practical and deliver sustained results and future growth. My passion is to witness the personal and collective learnings that unfold in a group.

Team Building specialising at Leadership,
Exec and Senior Management level

I’ve helped some of the largest companies and teams reach peak performance and cohesion through learning how to build and unleash an optimal team culture.

Individual Business Coaching

Are you looking to overcome fear and negative thinking? Manage change better? Explore how to enhance your relationships? Advance your career? Manage and stress proactively before burnout? I have trained, applied and refined a wide range of the best, proven business coaching methodologies available for over 10 years.

Keynote speech offerings

Sometimes, your company needs some inspiration, motivation and a breath of fresh air. This is all the more key in such challenging times where employees feel overwhelmed, insecure and even hopeless. A powerful, dynamic and engaging 60 min presentation will deliver much-needed vision, perspective and engagement, aside from the value-add of practical tools as well.

Individual Executive and Leadership Business Coaching

As a Clinical Psychologist with 13 years corporate experience as consultant, trusted adviser and facilitator for leaders and their teams, I optimize your leadership skills, self-mastery, stress management, relationships and communication. If you are looking for peak-performance and would like to hear how you can build a solid team and company culture, this is for you.

50% Off for first

We are committed to ensuring that we deliver the most relevant and customised solutions to your biggest challenges you are facing. Contact us today to book your first session at 50% off.

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Dynamic Leadership
Through Self-Awareness