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Our powerful cutting-edge flagship group sessions are engaging, practical and deliver sustained results and future growth. My passion is to witness the personal and collective learnings that unfold in a group. Training sessions are open to any number of people, at any level and from any areas or even a mix of companies, providing novel interactions and relationships to form. Facilitated sessions develop these core competencies in a natural team, are more discussion and process-based, with enhanced application and depth.

Resilience – How to Turn Stress into your friend

Levels of complexity, pressure and change in companies today are spiking dangerously. It is critical to empower your staff – especially management – to effectively deal with constantly high levels of stress, to prevent burnout and even trauma. Learn the tools to turn stress into a powerful catalyst for growth by viewing and responding to it as a challenge and opportunity, rather than as a threat.

Diversity and Inclusivity

We see our world erupting and awakening to the complex areas of diversity and inclusivity. Unless this is addressed, staff will not be optimally engaged or feel respected, noticed and accepted.

Diversity is more than just race and gender. Greater awareness of diversity around us starts with cultivating the diversity that lives inside each and every one of us. This includes diversity in learning, communicating, personality and how we make sense of the world.

Most importantly, we need to learn how to access our different centres of intelligence and liberate ourselves from being stuck only in our heads – the ‘attic’ of our being. This all-too-common problem neglects our intuition (the gut has been shown to be literally a second brain) and our emotional intelligence which we now know is absolutely vital information.

Innovation and Disruptive Thinking to unleash Creativity

We are clearly living in unprecedented levels of disruption. The challenge is whether we can match that with an appropriate level of inner disruption so that we stay geared up to the constant shifts and massive changes happening around us all the time. Most of our limitations as humans are self-imposed, self-perpetuated and self-reinforced. It is amazingly easy to get locked into our own worlds, even when living and working around others. In our global, competitive and ever-evolving business world, companies can’t afford to throw out creativity. Doing so may literally sow the seeds of destruction.

Organisational Culture – Your Hidden Operating System

‘Culture eats strategy for breakfast’. Studies show that a workplace culture of trust, acknowledgment, authenticity, integrity and openness is key to optimising employee engagement and performance. It’s time for culture to shift to a CEO-level priority if you wish to survive (let alone thrive) in today’s complex world of work. Your people are the foundation and core of your company. Discover how to build a healthy culture with a common vision and a unifying set of values that will shift the focus from ‘Me’ to ‘We’. When you enable your workforce to see the ‘big picture’, you unlock a culture of shared leadership, growth and collective accountability. This ensures consistent delivery of excellence and both internal and external customer satisfaction – a fine tuned operating system!

Enabling Enhanced EQ (Emotional Intelligence)

In most workplaces, there is no room for expression of emotions. They are neglected, ignored or blocked. This manifests into a number of problems, including toxic energy, gossip, silos, absenteeism and increased staff turnover. Ultimately, the cost is subpar performance on an individual and collective level. Equip and empower your managers with the skills and ‘emotional vocabulary’ to enable enhanced EQ, leading to improved relationships, cohesion, positivity and productivity.

Mastering Mindfulness

We are a product of our conditioning and past experiences. These form our personal narratives that trap us in ‘autopilot’ workplace (and personal) habits. These result in staff being unfulfilled, less productive and unaware of the impact this has on the business. Become mindful so you empower yourself and/or your team to be ATTUNED: conscious, self-directed and sensitive to the consequences of their actions.

Leadership from the Inside-Out

All leadership is at its core self-leadership; if you can’t lead yourself, how can you hope to lead others? Most leaders operate from the outside-in: constantly restructuring, implementing new systems and policies, and similar. This prevents true organisational transformation, which requires an internal shift in individual leaders. ‘Outside-In’ leadership has been shown to be ineffective and counter-productive. Claim your true power as an ‘Inside-Out’ leader and cultivate an attuned organisation. Learn to lead with solid integrity, self-awareness and more effective influence.

Turning Conflict into Creativity

Conflict is uncomfortable for most of us, but when channeled and managed correctly, it becomes the rocket-fuel of creativity and dynamic growth for your business.

Changing How We Deal with Change

Most companies today suffer ‘change fatigue’. Restructuring in various forms is far too common and often incessant, resulting in resistance and burnout. Learn to effectively tackle change by focusing on the deep psychological needs, processes and dynamics that are always part and parcel of any change, but typically ignored.

Sustainability and Future Engineering

Development workshops as well as other new and exciting initiatives in companies are notorious for losing steam and ‘evaporating’ with time. What is the secret to creating long-term engagement, traction and growth? If you wish to learn how to translate vision into action and desired change that is fully integrated and sustainable, this is the module for you.

Performance Coaching

Performance management has transformed dramatically in recent years. Studies show the out-dated model of one or two meetings a year can do more harm than good. Rather, a coaching model with regular touchpoints is needed, especially for your millennial employees. As Dan Pink identifies in his book ‘Drive’ and his TED talk ‘The puzzle of human motivation’, the 3 pillars for ‘Self-Motivation’ – what every manager wants are autonomy, mastery and purpose. The skills of active listening and basic coaching principles are also key – as applied to these pillars, and this is what this module addresses, together with several other relevant skills to even further enhance this critical competence.

Feedback Fundamentals

Giving and receiving feedback is vital for preventing ‘blindspots’ and for optimal growth and development, as well as for effective and optimal performance coaching to occur. Yet both giving and receiving feedback are uncomfortable and challenging. Learn how to become an expert in both giving and receiving feedback.


Dynamic Leadership
Through Self-Awareness